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Faicel CHAMROUKHI received his Master of Engineering degree from Paris 6 University in 2007 in Signals Systems Images and Robotics. He completed his Ph.D. in Probabilistic Machine Learning and Data Analysis in December, 2010 in the Computer Science Department at Compiègne University of Technology. He is currently an Associate Professor in Computer Science at the Southern University of Toulon-Var Computer Science Department. His research is with the Information Dynamics & Integration (DYNI) Team of the Information Sciences and Systems Lab. (LSIS) UMR CNRS 6168. His research interests include statistical generative learning, latent data models, functional data analysis, signal processing and content based information retrieval.


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Qualified for the position of Associate Professor (Maître de Conférences) campaign 2011:

  • Section 26: Applied mathematics and mathematical applications
  • Section 27: Computer science
  • Section 61: Computer engineering, automatic control and signal processing
Compiègne University of Technology, Department of Information Processing Engineering, Compiègne, France
Doctorate of Philosophy degree in Probabilistic Machine learning and Longitudinal Data Analysis, December 2010

Pierre & Marie Curie University (Paris 6), Department of Engineering, Paris, France
Master of Engineering degree (Bacc + 5) in Signals Systems Images and Robotics, 2007, with honors

Toulon University, Department of Electrical Engineering, Toulon, France
Master degree (Bacc + 4) in Electrical Engineering, 2006, with honors, ranked first
Bachelor of Science degree (Bacc + 3) in Electrical Engineering, 2005